Decatur Square


Downtown Decatur mixes history and commerce like no other city. Eclectic restaurants and stylish boutiques operate next to Civil War sites, public art, and a mass transit station. Solvers of Clue Town: Downtown Decatur will walk its charming blocks to see what makes Decatur such a hot spot for families, foodies, and history buffs.


  • Buy 2 to 4 Full-Length Hunts for $12.50 each
  • Buy 5 to 9 Full-Length Hunts for $11.50 each
  • Buy 10 to 19 Full-Length Hunts for $10.50 each
  • Buy 20+ Full-Length Hunts for $9.50 each


The Downtown Decatur hunt begins at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Avenue & Clairemont Avenue.
Pace: 75 min. leisure / 45 min. race

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