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Clue Town: Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park (90 min. hunt) - $15

Piedmont Park is a 189-acre urban park located in Midtown Atlanta. The site is ripe with grassy hills, local history, and scenic spots off the beaten path. Solvers of Clue Town: Piedmont Park will journey through the heart of the park and discover what makes it such an active and iconic destination.

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 Clue Town: Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery (60 min. hunt) - $15

Founded in 1850, Oakland Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Atlanta. The 48-acre site mixes Victorian and garden styles within its historic sections. Solvers of Clue Town: Oakland Cemetery will tour its brick paths in a respectful scavenger hunt that delivers a beautiful and cultural experience.

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Clue Town: Downtown Decatur

Downtown Decatur (75 min. hunt) - $15

Downtown Decatur mixes history and commerce like no other city. Eclectic restaurants and stylish boutiques operate next to Civil War sites, public art, and a mass transit station. Solvers of Clue Town: Downtown Decatur will walk its charming blocks to see what makes Decatur such a hot spot for families, foodies, and history buffs.

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Clue Town: BeltLine Eastside Trail

BeltLine Eastside Trail (90 min. hunt) - $15

The BeltLine is a former railway corridor developed into a multi-use trail connecting Atlanta neighborhoods. Its Eastside Trail offers a tree-lined path with restaurants, shops, public art, and plenty of scenic stops along the way. Regardless of whether solvers use bikes, skates, or their own two feet, the BeltLine Eastside Trail hunt provides an active and engaging view of a city in the midst of a social renaissance.

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Clue Town: Emory University

Emory University (completion time varies) - $15

Emory University's tree-lined campus covers 600 acres of the historic Druid Hills neighborhood and features classic architecture with multi-hued granite and Spanish Saltillio tile. The book contains two non-linear hunts: 1) Outdoors at the main campus; and 2) Indoors at Miller Ward House, northeast of the academic buildings. When all of the puzzles are solved for each hunt, a final master puzzle can be completed.

NOTE: Solvers of Clue Town: Emory University may need to visit the campus more than once to complete it. For that reason this title is best suited for students, alumni, staff, and enthusiasts of Emory (e.g. parent weekend, touring the campus, student races).

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Clue Town: Athens

Athens (90 min. hunt) - $15

Athens, Georgia is a college town that prides itself on Southern charm, but there's much more to the city than academics and football. Clue Town: Athens will take solvers through the thriving downtown area with roots in music, Civil War history, and even aeronautics. Pub crawl optional.

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Clue Town Mini-Hunt: Grant Park

Grant Park Mini-Hunt (40 min. hunt) - $7

Grant Park is Atlanta's oldest park and the location of Zoo Atlanta. Solvers can expect a scenic escape from the city with plenty of green space as they stroll over rolling hills and twisting pathways.

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Clue Town Mini-Hunt: Virginia-Highland

Virginia-Highland Mini-Hunt (30 min. hunt) - $7

The Virginia-Highland neighborhood boasts family-friendly walkability. Solvers of this Mini-Hunt will travel through its trendy retail/restaurant district and gaze at the craftsmanship of surrounding homes.

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Clue Town Mini-Hunt: Downtown Kirkwood

Kirkwood Mini-Hunt (20 min. hunt) - $5

The Downtown Kirkwood mini-hunt sends solvers through the neighborhood's quaint downtown area. This breezy hunt is a wonderful introduction to Kirkwood's cozy bars, rustic restaurants, and eclectic shops that give the neighborhood its small town feel.

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Clue Town Mini-Hunt: Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown Mini-Hunt (45 min. hunt) - $7

Cabbagetown is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Atlanta. It boasts numerous murals, urban folk art, and loads of crafty curb appeal. This hunt offers a quality look at the neighborhood's architectural flair, homegrown businesses, and two public parks. 

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