Clue Town Books are a series of ready-to-solve puzzle hunts. Our indoor hunts can be solved anywhere in the world, wherever you feel comfortable. And our outdoor hunts are located in walkable areas of Atlanta and beyond. Solvers use landmarks to solve puzzles. The solutions to the puzzles reveal how to get to the next checkpoint. It’s a fun adventure for adults and kids. Ages 12 and up should be able to complete an entire hunt without adult assistance. Learn more in the Shop!

• Date nights
• Birthday parties
• Out of town guests
• Team building events
• Sightseeing by oneself
• Education, entertainment, & exercise!

As schools, offices, and businesses close over concerns of COVID-19, individuals are asked to practice social distancing. The CDC & WHO state that healthy people are not limited to staying indoors. Outdoor activities can still be enjoyed by maintaining 6 feet of distance from other individuals.

Clue Town Books provide the opportunity for outdoor exploration while maintaining a safe social distance. All outdoor hunts take place in wide-open parks or spacious neighborhood sidewalks. None of the outdoor hunts require going into a building!