Little Five Points


Little Five Points is one of Atlanta’s most iconic neighborhoods, transformed by a community that favors the arts, small business, and a counter-culture attitude. Solvers of the mini-hunt will spend time on the five streets branching from the commercial center “point” and discover shops, murals, restaurants, and historic buildings.


  • Buy 2-3 Mini-Hunts for $7.50 each
  • Buy 4-5 Mini-Hunts for $7.00 each
  • Buy 6-9 Mini-Hunts for $6.50 each
  • Buy 10 to 19 Mini-Hunts for $6.00 each
  • Buy 20+ Mini-Hunts for $5.50 each


The Little Five Points Mini-Hunt begins at the intersection of Moreland Avenue & Euclid Avenue.
Pace: 45 min. leisure / 25 min. race

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Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 5.5 x 4.25 x .25 in