Your Home: Adventures #1 & #2 Bundle


This item bundles Adventures #1 and #2 in the “Your Home” series. The pre-designed puzzles lead solvers on a journey to locations found in virtually any home (e.g. television, umbrella). Perfect for announcing special news or passing the time on a rainy day. You hide it. They solve it. Fun for adults and kids 10+.



Your Home locations for Adventure #1 include:

• Under a Living Room Lamp
• Behind a Toilet
• Inside a Coat Pocket
• Under a Dining Room Table
• Inside an Umbrella
• Behind a Television
• Under a Utensil Tray

Your Home locations for Adventure #2 include:

• Behind a Towel
• Under a Trash Can
• Inside a Big Book
• Under a Sofa
• Behind a Dining Room Window Covering
• Inside a Favorite Shoe
• Under a Bath Mat

Each hunt takes 5 min. to hide / 20-25 min. to solve

Additional information

Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.25 × .25 in